ENERGY2GO TheSunPoweredStation

ENERGY2GO aims to offer direct solar energy charging to small devices and built-in power banks primarily for B2B HORECA customers.

Solar Recharge for smartphones and powerbank

Thanks to the SunPowered Station, you can offer customers smartphone and device solar recharging at 1% per minute, providing a clean energy recharge directly at their table with our powered station. In addition, with the sleek visual display of the product, the SunPowered Station serves as a great way for owners to promote their business.

Solar charged powerbank


  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Innovative with an appealing design
  • Able to convert an issue to manage in a business opportunity for the high free referrals you can earn*

By combining solar panels and high-quality power banks, we store the sun’s power to provide consumers clean energy, EVERYTIME AND EVERYWHERE! Estimated charging speed at full sun: 1%/min

Discover more about the SunPoweredStation, the perfect synthesis of an innovative desktop battery charger and a light and high performing solar panel, by visiting our Instagram page or our Facebook page ENERGY2GOTheSunpoweredStation

Recharge simultaneous post for built-in power bank and 2 smartphones
It is as easy as just connecting the device with a usb cable and recharge automatically starts.. with the Sun power !
Safelock up to 2 Phones for direct sun recharge
If sun is out no worries, the builtin and removable power bank can feed phones
While the station is free you can keep charging the built in power bank and store all the clean energy you want for when the sun is out
when needed you can remove the power bank and offer it at your customers at their convenience in the table and possibly ask for a service charge
3 in 1 usb cable fits any phone and you can personalize logo and color of your power bank to sponsor your own business
Extremely powerful power bank with up to 12 full phone charges thanks to its 26800 Mah. 3 simultaneous recharge can be offered at once. adverting display is included
3 Output 1 Input
Sun-less smartphone recharge