Solar Panel
Sunpowered station front recharge to get clean energy 24/7 even where there is no electric plug
Birch Wood Panel
Includes also lockers for power bank and phones

ENERGY2GO is an Italian startup that has the objective to recharge the batteries of HORECA customers with solar energy, sponsoring social responsibility (CSR) of the small businesses and enhancing the customers perception of sun power.

We designed this unique and functional design object composed of a methacrylate or wood-birch panel to sustain the solar panel and a coordinate box on the top to store the power bank when it’s charging.

Wood model is manually carved from an italian artesan being therefore 100% made in Italy, except the panel.

Thanks to the SunPowered Station you can recharge at 1% per minute customer’s smartphone or provide clean recharge directly at the table with the powered station, promoting your business in the visual display

ENERGY2GO wants to offer you with the SunPoweredStation a product that is:

  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Environmentally conscious
  • With a design innovative and appealing
  • able to convert an issue to manage in a business opportunity

Energy efficiency is one of the most powerful weapons for fighting global climate changes. Fight climate changes by using clean energy, use the Sun Power to charge your own devices! Use ENERGY2GO, the very first SunPowered Station! By combining solar panels and high quality power banks, we store the sun energy to provide you clean energy, EVERYTIME AND EVERYWHERE!Estimated charging speed at full sun: 1%/min

Discover more on the SunPoweredStation, the perfect synthesis of an innovative desktop battery charger and a light and high performing solar panel, visiting our Facebook page ENERGY2GOTheSunpoweredStation