Wood PowerBank


Personalizable power bank with your logo and preferred color. Safe, powerful, nice and very convenient, your customers will love it


Wood PowerBank for fast recharge at 1%/min and 10000Mah capacity. 2 simultaneous recharge  outputs and 1 Input for wall plug or solar panel recharge

Personalize your color and logo and provide recharge for up to 2 phones. rechargeable on the wall plug or with our sunpoweredstation
  • Recharge simultaneously up to 2 devices and can be sourced with both standard electricity plug or solar panel in dedicated front box
  • 10000 Mah capacity that allows to offer up to 6 full recharges for most common smartphones
  • Output up to 2.4A and recharge input both on wall plug and panel
  • Easily available at customer’s desk for fast recharge (1% per minute)
  • Recharge percentage 1% per minute
  • Only 200gr weight
  • Transparent optional Display postcard format to promote events or special dishes of the day
  • Smart recharge that avoids over-tensions for connected devices
  • An unicum of deign and technique in only 14X9.5X3.5 cm
  • Recharge cable 3 in 1 included in 99 Euro price + VAT

We are available for any further information also calling at +390689015877

Smaller than a smartphone , easier and nicer than offering your wallplug
3 in 1 usb cable fits any phone and you can personalize logo and color of your power bank to sponsor your own business


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