The SunPoweredstation in Birch Wood


ENERGY2GO is the SunPowered station realized in Okumè Wood to recharge customers smartphone anytime and anywhere. It is composed by a post to hold the 28W panel and ad-hoc boxes to safeguard the included wood PowerBank and customers phones while they are being charged


SunPower is extremely powerful to provide enough clean energy to smartphones. Thanks to our SunPoweredStation you will be surprised how easy and effective it is to recharge a phone ,without a standard plug, by just plugging the device in any of the 4 rear boxes, safeguarded with a convenient key locker.

Solar recharge for smartphones and embedded battery pack to store energy
4 Boxes, 4 Real Time Display, 1 Battery Pack all embedded in only 66 cms
  • 28W Solar Panel that simultaneously feed the battery pack and/or devices without any needed user intervention
  • 4 Rear boxes to safeguard phones to limit overheating during recharge. Each box has also a safe-key to close in the device during the recharge
  • Rear embedded battery pack of 44Ah to stock clean energy 24/7
  • Fits well any outdoor environment thanks to its reduced dimensions of only 66cm height and 24cm length together with an attractive design that includes also a post to move it freely wherever sun is
  • 3 in 1 cables in each recharge box to power any possible device
  • Only 8.5kg weight including the post
  • Smart recharge that avoids over-tensions for the devices connected
  • Conversion efficiency of solar energy is 24%
  • Affordable Price: 699 Euro + VAT

We are available for any further information also calling at 0689015877

Squared wooden post base

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 1,2 kg
Dimensioni 24 × 3 × 66 cm


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